Our Food

Our Food

Our Food
  • I have a food allergy, can I check your list of ingredients?

    There is an allergen booklet in each Restaurant for review purposes. If you have a food allergy, please let the Patrão (Manager) know, so that you can find out exactly what’s in our food.

  • Are Nando’s Chicken Organic?

    All our Chickens are A-grade. We source the healthiest possible chickens, but there is currently not sufficient supply of organic chickens locally to enable us to make our chickens organic.

  • Do Nando’s products or sauces contain gluten?

    Nando’s does not add ingredients that contain gluten to any of our sauces. This includes sauces used for the preparation of our flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken and table sauces.

    There is however gluten present in the following items on the menu: 

    • Nando’s Rolls 
    • Nando’s Wraps 
    • Nando’s Pita
    • Vegetable Patty and
    • Desserts 

  • Championing our Chicken

    Chickens are obviously a big part of what we do, and it’s important to us that we commit to chicken welfare and try to raise standards across the food industry wherever possible. All of our chicken is from right here in India, sourced from suppliers that are required to uphold an Animal Welfare Policy which includes zero tolerance on rough handling and ongoing evaluations.

    Chicken welfare standards 

    We are proud to say that our supplier is raising our chickens in barns with facilities that conform to regulations
    and even better with regards to certain criteria.


    • We do not use caged chickens, anywhere in our global supply chain.
    • All our chickens are reared in deep littered barns where the litter is evaluated daily.
    • Air quality is managed though ventilation and house design to prevent the build-up of ammonia.
    • The lighting is managed as per the breed standard and veterinary advice.
    • Space is important. We comply with the requirements of stocking density of the birds.
    • Chickens are only given antibiotics when they are ill, as prescribed by a registered vet. Routine use of antibiotics is completely banned. 
    • Our supplier aims to deliver improved farming practices that add value to both the birds and the farms themselves.  

    Our suppliers are crucial in helping us ensure that we uphold and continue to improve our animal welfare standards. All suppliers have a designated Animal Welfare supervisor and Animal Welfare key performance indicators are specifically managed and monitored. All plant facilities are audited regularly by a 3rd party audit agency.