Get your PERi-PERi Rewards

We reckon loyalty deserves a reward, which is why we’ve come up with a delicious loyalty programme that makes enjoying your favourite flame-grilled PERi-PERi fix tastier than ever.

What you get

INR 500 = 1 stamp

  1. Spend Rs. 500 and get a stamp on your Nando's loyalty card. (Available at your Nando’s restaurant.)
  2. 3 stamps earn you a ¼ chicken, 6 stamps ½ a chicken and….
  3. 10 stamps, one WHOLE chicken! Whether you share it or keep it all to yourself, you’ll find it PERi-PERi rewarding.

Terms and conditions apply.

Where is my loyalty card valid?

Your Nando's loyalty card is valid at all Nando's outlets across the India.

Got more questions?

We’ve been asked a few questions in our time. So many in fact, we’ve put them together in a nifty guide, so ask away, we’re all ears!

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